Kale & Carrot Sauerkraut Kehoe's Kitchen

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Kehoe’s Kitchen use only the finest locally sourced certified organic fresh produce. 

Their sauerkrauts are dry salted and fully fermented before being jarred. The nutritional benefits are increased by their traditional fermentation process. A more mature kraut guarantees plentiful beneficial bacteria and a full bodied flavour. The kraut also becomes more acidic and acts as a digestive enzyme, allowing easier digestion and absorption of more nutrients.

Kehoe's uses WILD Fermentation in all their vegetable ferments and prefer to rely on Mother Nature’s selection criteria to produce this traditional nourishing probiotic food.

Please note that unlike Kehoe's RAW Sauerkrauts, other commercial shelf stable sauerkrauts (not refrigerated) have been pasteurised or heat treated when being packaged. This treatment kills ALL beneficial bacteria.

Kehoe’s Kitchen is 100% Australian owned and operated. 

Kehoes Kitchen ACOINGREDIENTS: Organic cabbage, organic carrot, organic kale, natural sea salt & organic dill seeds.

USE: Keep refrigerated and serve cool as a condiment with meals.  If you’re having a hot meal or soup, serve it on top of your meal once it’s stopped steaming.  It’s great tossed through a salad, added to sushi rolls, sandwiches or wraps.

Try a quick salad of left over protein from the night before tossed through organic salad leaves with our sauerkraut and our cashew dip as a creamy dressing.  Dinner is anything with a side of fermented veggies to bring it to life.