Starter Cultures Raw Fermented Vegetables

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Nurture your microbiome with healthy, raw, live superfoods
Our unique starter culture is designed to help you create probiotic and nutrient rich superfoods, including home-made sauerkraut, kimchee, cultured beets or carrots, all in the comfort of your kitchen.

Optimize the natural lacto fermentation process. Supercharge your vegetables, enhance taste and crispness and ensure that your cultured foods are rich in probiotics.

Give your family the best nutrition and yourself peace of mind with tasty, consistent results and a quicker, more complete fermentation.

Each box contains six sachets; each sachet ferments 5lbs of vegetables

Cutting Edge Starter Culture is a synergistic blend of carefully selected strains – each plays a vital role in optimizing the natural lacto fermentation process to ensure that you achieve healthy and delicious results.

This product is specifically designed to supercharge your cultured vegetables, enhance taste and crispness, and ensure that your fermented foods are rich in probiotics.

Follow the easy instructions inside the box.

Ingredients: Active bacteria strains (LB. plantarum, Ln. mesenteroides, Pc. acidilactici), organic tapioca sugar.